No Business Too Small

“We have one place. We’re not a huge operation, so our advertising (budget) is small, but (Advanced Advertising & Production) has always taken care of us as if we’re the biggest air conditioning company in the state. We’ve been with them for years because of the great service.”

–Jimmy Kennedy, Owner, Kennedy Air Conditioning


Is your business a “brick & mortar’ operation? Do you operate one location or several? Or is your business primarily located online? Or maybe a little bit of both?  No matter the size of your company, we’re here to bring you the biggest bang for your marketing dollar.

Advanced Advertising & Production works with all types of businesses, from hearing aid retailers, boat dealerships, car dealerships, HVAC companies, home improvement centers, banks, legal firms to medical clinics. No matter the size or type of business that you are looking to grow, we’ll create a plan that is right for the company and your budget.

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