Media Buying

“I know what TV shows I like, but I don’t know which shows are good for my business. Or how much a commercial should cost. But (Advanced Advertising & Production) does. They have saved us so much money over the years, all the while making our business bigger. Hiring them was one of the best decisions we made.”

–Andrea Linville, Owner, Linco Countertops


As a business owner, you have cultivated years of experience perfecting a particular process, whether it be installing a new roof or selling a quality automobile. Buying media is also a learned craft that takes years of experience to perfect. So why are you wasting your time trying to do it yourself? No matter the size of your business, invest your time & energy into what you know best and hire experienced professionals to handle a challenging task such as media buying.

If you ever have to go to court, would you go without a lawyer? Heck no! It’s a complicated process. Well, knowing what we know about marketing, you shouldn’t buy advertising without the help of an agency–there are just too many ways the inexperienced can lose money.

TIP: Be careful when considering marketing advice from an advertising sales rep. Remember, the sales rep answers to their bosses (& Wall Street) FIRST, so their advertising recommendations are suspect from the get-go. Also, experienced sales reps are in short supply in an industry that suffers from rampant turnover. Are your going to entrust your marketing dollars with every sales rep sent your away from a  “revolving door?”

Start getting more for your advertising dollar today. See contact details at the top of this page. You’ll be speaking directly to an owner of AA&P.