We Save You Money

“The first time I met with a potential client, they were disinterested. His perception was that the hiring of an advertising agency was only going to increase his operational costs. Once I was able to explain to him how an agency can serve a business while reducing costs, he was surprised. He said, ‘Now that you told me all of this, I don’t understand why somebody wouldn’t (hire an ad agency.)’ This company has been with us for over five years now.”

–Bryan Burke, Owner, Advanced Advertising & Production



  • Knowledgeable media buying. EVERY advertising sales person will tell you that their advertising product is superior. It’s silly. With AA&P‘s 40+ combined years of media & advertising experience, we know what works…and what doesn’t (it’s all in the numbers!) AA&P makes the correct investment for your business the first time.
  • Vigorous negotiating. We do not take a single dollar of your marketing budget for granted. AA&P hates to overpay and loves to save! We negotiate with our media partners to bring our clients the lowest costs that we know are available…and then some!
  • 24/7 monitoring of campaigns. Nothing worse then a well-planned advertising campaign falling apart during its run. AA&P works closely with our media partners every step of the way to ensure our plans are executed correctly.
  • Thorough invoice reconciliation. AA&P checks and re-checks every invoice against the orders before we authorize payment. In our experience, advertising vendors rarely execute a marketing plan perfectly. Bottom line, our clients do not pay for mistakes. We have saved our clients thousands through our intensive invoice reconciliation process.
  • No “nickel & diming” you. Our services are paid for with each investment, and then it’s done. We don’t keep coming back to you, piling charges upon charges. Affordable marketing services always!
  • Management of advertising salespeople. Stop wasting your time with advertising salespeople! You didn’t start your business to field sales calls all day long from every paper/radio station/airplane-banner advertising outlet. As your agency, AA&P will field all of these calls for you. Time is money, so spend your time serving your customers and let us handle all of the sales pitches. This service is provided at no-charge to all of our clients (and they LOVE it!)
  • AA&P maintains low overhead. We don’t waste revenue on renting office space. Our close-knit group of various service providers are contracted-out from project-to-project, so salaries are not an issue at AA&P. Our “savings” approach to serving your business means that we keep your costs low.


Consider your marketing position FILLED!

Bringing AA&P on-board is like hiring a full-time marketing executive, but without the costs of FT pay and benefits.

We are available to our clients 24/7!

Reach out to us anytime. See contact details at the top of this page.