web development
We don’t know how to write website code. There. We said it. However, we do work with several experienced web developers that do nothing but write website code for businesses big and small. This website, for example, was coded for us by a developer we’ve used for years. AA&P‘s role […]

Website Development

Yellow Pages is dead. Thanks to the internet and search engines like Google, yellow book advertising is finished. The speed at which we can find an answer to any question via just a smart phone is incredible. And with the advent of Google Ad Words and pay-per-click advertising, well, let’s […]

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

To compete, you need to do more than just create a website. Backlinks. Meta titles. Spiders. Broken links. Rich snippets. Trust-flow. H1 tags. Getting sleepy yet? It’s OK, we know SEO. Advanced Advertising & Production has been performing successful Search Engine Optimization campaigns for years. A solid SEO campaign will […]

Search Engine Optimization

“I know what TV shows I like, but I don’t know which shows are good for my business. Or how much a commercial should cost. But (Advanced Advertising & Production) does. They have saved us so much money over the years, all the while making our business bigger. Hiring them […]

Media Buying

“I’m on Facebook more than I watch TV, do my chores, and work on my homework–altogether!” –Claire Burke, 15-year-old daughter of owner Bryan Burke, says her dad made this quote up from her   Yes, that quote is not real. But the truth here is your potential customers are spending […]

Social Media Marketing

“We get a lot of compliments about our commercials. They’re very professional and creative. And above-and-beyond all that, they’re very affordable.” –Michael Moix, Owner, Moix RV   At Advanced Advertising & Production, we take great pride in providing our clients top-notch video production services at affordable rates. For hundreds of […]

Video Production